Hurst Festival 2021 - Your Blank Canvas @ Wolstonbury

Art is a strong passion in our family so we thought what better way to celebrate Hurst Festival this year than to involve our local community by launching Your Blank Canvas @ Wolstonbury!

During September, we will install as many blank canvases as feasibly possible across our vineyard and 90 acre farm and invite you to come up and put your interpretation of Wolstonbury onto a canvas. The idea is to express what Wolstonbury means to you, your interpretation of it, or a memory of it as well as to create art together, outdoors across a landscape.

A small fee will apply to cover the cost of the canvas. All surplus will go to the Hurst Festival. You will need to bring your own materials - waterproof would be a good idea depending on what you are going for as the artwork will be left outside throughout the end of September and October for others to meander around the farm and admire.


I am not local, can I still join in? Yes, you may post your artwork to us and we will do our best to display it alongside all the others.

Do I need to be a professional artist? No, this is a fun activity for the community and the purpose is to express yourself, express what Wolstonbury as a local landmark means to you and enjoy the process of making art together out in the open.

I am a digital/NFT artist, can I join in? Yes, your artwork can be any media. We will work with you to display your work on a screen but we may ask you to plant some trees too!

Who owns the artwork? The artist will retain ownership. If you wish to sell your artwork, we feel a commission fee should go to the Hurst Festival.

Please note, we cannot accept any liability for damage to any artwork, or loss, or Acts of God, or degradation due to the weather. Terms will apply and will be updated nearer the time.

Full details will follow but if you would like to register your interest, or if you have further questions, please email